Castle Farm Testimonials


Below are some of the testimonials from our great members.


I recently completed my Level 1 Diploma in Work based Horse Care at Castle Farm  Wickwar. I undertook the course on a part time basis with teaching and practical sessions always arranged to fit in with my work days, school holidays etc. The course was very enjoyable with teaching tailored to each students capability. The tutors took our safety very seriously at all times and were incredibly patient and very knowledgeable, giving us so much useful information and advice, over and above what the course required. I couldn’t recommend Castle Farm highly enough as a professional but friendly location for undertaking qualifications whether your returning to riding after a long break or looking to start an equine career.  As a result of my time at Castle Farm  I now have my first pony, this would have been impossible without the help of all the staff and livery owners at Castle Farm.


Returning to horses after a (extremely) long break I thought I would be spending my evenings on Google and horse forums to try and refresh and update my knowledge, however whilst this helped a little it didn’t really help with the practical or confidence aspects.  I was therefore delighted to discover I could enrol on a course that would give me all this and more plus it was free!  I looked for the catch but couldn’t find any.  I then embarked the level 2 diploma in horse care and management with riding modules it took me through the winter months and into spring covering not just stable management but handling, healthcare, loading, leading, lungeing, long reining, bandaging, nutrition and more.  The practical sessions were really hands with a chance to get totally involved and not just stand and watch, the knowledge sessions were a free forum where everybody’s contribution was welcome and discussed.  A mixture of age groups and experience meant that there were lots of different opinions to discuss, Anna and Claire guided and tutored in such a way that you could feel your knowledge and confidence expanding without really realising it until faced with a practical challenge that you were able to meet easily!  Great course would throughly recommend it to anyone no matter what age they are if returning to horses or just need to gain confidence or brush up on skills.

Training at Castle Farm from Andrew

I’ve worked with and kept horses for some years and have attended several short equine courses both locally and with my employer. Earlier this year, I was offered the opportunity to undertake the Diploma in Workplace Horse Care with Anna at Castle Farm and was very pleased that I did so.

Anna structured my training to fit around my work so that I could take advantage of evenings and holidays which allowed me to study at a pace that suited both me and the course. I can honestly say that I learned an immense amount from Anna in areas of horse care that I was already familiar with as well as helping me improve in areas where I had limited knowledge such as lungeing and in developing new skills such as long-reining.

Anna has a wonderful coaching style that makes for easy and enjoyable learning. The course was by no means a production line; rather more time was devoted to those areas where practice was required, but Anna did not skimp on any of the areas where I felt more comfortable.

I cannot rate the Diploma course at Castle Farm highly enough and thoroughly recommend Anna to anyone who is looking to start a career in horse care or like me, gain additional skills so that you can get the most out of keeping your own horses.


“I have kept my horse at Castle Farm for the last 3 years and have always been very impressed with standard of care that my horse has received.

Anna is fantastic and extremely flexible with the type of livery you require. She tailor makes the service to suit your individual needs which is great when you’ve got a busy job like me.

The turnout is really good and again, Anna takes into consideration your needs and the temperament of your horse, when considering the turnout arrangements.

The mucking out is of a really high standard which means that I know if I can’t be there to tend to my horse, the stable will be done to exactly the same standard – great to have that piece of mind when you can’t be there!

What’s refreshing as well, is that you don’t need to specify what rug you want your horse in. The staff are experienced and regularly review the weather conditions and make any adjustments to rugs as required. I never have to be at work and think that my horse may be too hot or too cold.

The head groom is really competent and is always on hand for advice around care of your horse or, with suggestions around any riding issues. She regularly schools my thoroughbred mare and there’s always an improvement after she’s ridden her!


I have been a happy customer at castle farm since May 2010. my sister and I have a horse each on DIY livery with assistance during the winter months.

We moved to castle farm from a private yard due to the fact they are one of very few yards who offer grass winter turnout, this was top of our list of requirements along with an arena. Castle farm has in my opinion the best facilities of all the yards we looked at along with the best winter turnout and is very competitively priced.

The yard owner is friendly and helpful and always willing to look for a solution to any problems you may encounter. (when we moved in we had a horse recovering from a tendon injury and Anna couldn’t have been more helpful in ensuring his restricted turnout requirements were met).

The cross country course offers many different fences suitable for my sisters youngster up to my Intermediate level Eventer and everything in between, with a steep hill being a huge help for all the fittening work I need to do.

I would recommend Castle farm for anyone looking for a yard with excellent facilities with the added bonus of knowledgeable friendly staff on site and flexible livery arrangements.


I’ve been full livery at Castle Farm since autumn 2012. The facilities are very good with lovely cross-country fences, a summer jumping paddock, a well-lit school and gravel paths to all-winter turnout. Both Anna, the owner, and Lauren, the yard manager, are really helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. They are also very flexible and keen to solve any problems that occur, recently moving my horse to a new field because he wasn’t happy in the old one.

Anna has done a wonderful job helping me with my horse’s leading, loading and napping issues; I would really recommend her teaching. With regular lessons and on-going support, my confidence and ability to deal with issues has improved noticeably. Some lessons have taken place at shows or off-site and she has also ridden my horse herself to help us over the problems we were having. Last December I thought I would have to sell my horse, but now thanks to Castle Farm we’re getting on better and better!



I have had lessons (several per week) from Lauren at Castle Farm over the last several months, and find her to be very patient, calm, and encouraging (but not pushy). Lauren learned very early on how much, and when to encourage me, and when I needed more moral support with my difficult pony.

Lauren is very knowledgeable, and every lesson I had with her was different fresh, and enjoyable, she is always clear in her instructions. If my pony was a little too lively for me (which was more often than not) Lauren was happy to ride him first. The lesson always ended with her asking me if I had any questions for her, and if I was happy with the work we had done. I always came away from a lesson with Lauren feeling that I had achieved something, learned something new, and really quite happy with my pony and myself.

I would recommend her to anyone,