Castle Farm Cross Country

Cross Country

Our fabulous course was originally built by Badminton course builders ‘Willis Brothers’. It is approximately 1 ¾ miles long and offers a full range of fences ranging From 1′ to 3’6″ high.

The course is great for riders and horses at any level, whether its ponies on lead rein having fun, or a more advanced combination doing some fine tuning. As you will see from the interactive map, fences include hedge, table, bench, ditch, tiger trap, corner and two water sections.

The route flows beautifully around the 56 acre farm, up hill, down dale and through the Little Avon River. It is a very picturesque course with plenty of trees and hedging, which helps to ‘channel the horses’ and focus their attention on the fences. The rolling hills are also great for increasing fitness levels of horses and anyone accompanying on foot!

Castle Farm Cross Country is generally open for hire from March to November and beyond if ground is good. Visit the contact us page to book.


Private hire: £25 / horse for 2 hours. To book an event, or hire our facilities, please click here.

Castle Farm Cross Country Course Map

Area 1

2  x logs used for practice jumps at our events

Approx. 40 & 80cm


Fence 2

Castle Jump Mini = 40cm approx. Main jump offers 60cm, 80cm & 90cm approx.




Fence 3

Telegraph Pole and Log

Approx 60cm & 75 cm plus a mini 30cm approx.


Fence 4

Drop Tyres & Logs

Approx 60cm, 80cm & 90cm plus a mini approx. 40cm


Fence 5

Drop Brush approx. 60cm


Fence 6

Crocodile Log

Approx. 80cm & 90cm plus mini 40cm


Fence 7

Brush Fence

Approx 60cm & mini log 40cm


Area 8

Log before the track to 1st water



Area 9

Hack through the natural water and pop out over the Pallasade jump

Approx. 80cm & 90cm plus a mini log at approx. 40cm


Area 10

The Witches Hat Jump

Has an approx. 80cm downhill & uphill combination on an arc, or sail straight over the approx. 90cm corner

Also a mini log at approx. 40cm


Area 11

40cm plus log


Area 12

Pheasant Feeder approx. 80cm & 90cm


Area 13

Steps or Rail out of Water

2 Steps up out of water at approx. 83cm each or over a 60cm approx. rail


Area 14

Tiger Trap

80cm & 90cm approx. plus a 70cm log


Area 15

‘S’ combination jump

Jump 1, 2 or 3 elements from 60cm – 84cm approx.


Area 16

Park Bench

Approx. 80 & 90cm

Area 17

Log by bench

Approx. 60cm

Area 18

Chase Logs

At top of the gallop hill

Approx. 60-90cm


Area 19

Drop Tyres

Tyre jumps with a drop, 80 & 90 cm approx.

Area 20

Logs at approx. 50cm

Tractor tyres at approx. 60 & 100cm


Area 21

Lochness Log

Approx. 30-70cm


Area 22



Area 23

Ski Jump

Approx. 80 & 90cm

Area 24

Rail / log before ditch

Approx. 80cm


Stage 25


Stage 26

Mini log approx. 30cm

Stage 27

Bullfinch approx. 60cm with added brush

Stage 28

Mini log by hedge approx. 30cm

Stage 29

Hedge & Ditch

Approx. 80cm & 100+ cm

Stage 30

Home Log

Approx. 60cm

Stage 31

Last Jump

Approx. 80 & 90cm

Stage 32

Mini log approx. 40cm